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Our Story

Sustainability. Community. Choose Kindness.

Misfits Farmstead was established in July 2021 when Ashley and AJ bought their 17 acre farm in Spencerville, Ontario. 

Our goal at Misfits Farmstead is to establish a thriving and sustainable farming operation that serves as a model for regenerative agriculture, providing high-quality fibre products, seasonal vegetables, educational experiences, animal-assisted therapy and skill-sharing workshops while also promoting environmental stewardship and self-sufficiency.

Misfits Farmstead is home to a variety of farm animals including cows, sheep, chickens, alpacas and pot belly pigs. Every animal contributes to the sustainability of the farm and is a lifetime member of the Misfits Farmstead family. 

As we continue to grow Misfits Farmstead, our vision will continue to evolve but our focus will always be to find ways to help both people and animals alike. 

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Spencerville, ON

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