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About Us

What we Stand For

- Mission -

At Misfits Farmstead, our mission is to cultivate sustainable and resilient communities through education, workshops, and community engagement. We believe that by fostering self-sufficiency and promoting the principles of sustainable agriculture, we can empower individuals to build a more prosperous and harmonious future for themselves and their communities.

- Vision -

Education and Workshops: We are committed to providing accessible, hands-on learning experiences that equip community members with the knowledge and skills to grow their own food, care for the environment, and enhance their self-reliance. Through a variety of workshops, we aim to instill a deep appreciation for sustainable practices, fostering a sense of responsibility for the well-being of our planet.

Community Gardens: Misfits Farmstead offers vibrant community gardens that serve as thriving hubs of collective growth. We provide the space, resources, and guidance necessary for individuals and families to cultivate their own fresh, healthy produce. These gardens not only nourish the body but also nurture a sense of belonging, connection, and shared purpose within our community.

Animal Assisted Therapy: We recognize the profound healing power of animals and their unique ability to inspire empathy, reduce stress, and enhance well-being. Through impactful interactions with our farm animals, we offer animal-assisted therapy that supports emotional, psychological, and social growth. These experiences create stronger bonds within our community and encourage compassion and understanding.​

At Misfits Farmstead, we are committed to practicing what we preach. We demonstrate the benefits of sustainable agriculture by implementing environmentally friendly farming techniques that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and animal welfare. Our holistic approach to community well-being not only helps individuals become more self-sufficient but also fosters a deep sense of connection, belonging, and resilience.

Together, we aspire to build a future where thriving communities are defined by their collective strength, self-sufficiency, and sustainability. Join us in our journey towards creating a more vibrant and resilient world for all.

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